Canuck Canada was born in an ice rink one cold weekend in 2019 as a group of hockey parents sat together in the stands talking about how they'd love to find a coffee cup that could keep their coffee hot without spilling while being affordable. One parent even lamented that it would be pretty amazing if they could have their team logo and player's name on the cup. This couldn't have been a more Canadian moment and it sparked the idea for Canuck Cups!

Fast forward a few months and a whole bunch of coffees later. The first 20oz Canuck tumbler was tested. It was vacuum sealed with double wall insulation with 8/18 kitchen grade stainless steel. This kept the coffee's hot for hours and warm for hours more. Further, it kept the cold drinks cold for hours.....not that they lasted that long!  However, an issue was discovered with the sliding magnetic lid, IT LEAKED when closed and you tipped the cup. This just wouldn't do, so Canuck decided to change the design of the lids to a flip lid with a straw port which was able to withstand being knocked over for a brief period of time without actually leaking any coffee or water. This is where Canuck decided that they'd offer a lid that was able to be completely closed as well as utilize stainless steel straws which we provide for FREE! Another issue observed was that in cold environments it wasn't overly pleasant to hold a steel mug. The solution? We decided to add a carrying handle for FREE! Yup, you got it, the cup, the straws, the carrying handle are all included.

Our Cups consistently stand up to comparison with our big name competition, both in heat/cold retention and durability but at a fraction of the price and always with extras.  

First Responder owned and operated - we're proud to provide our quality products to our fellow Canadians at an always affordable price all while supporting amazing causes that support our first responders and troops.

Thank you for choosing Canuck Canada!


Creative Director

Dexter - All Around Good Boy