We're sorry you still have questions!  Let's see if we can answer them:

Q: Is there a minimum order quantity for a custom product?

A: Nope!  We will make designs for one cup or a hundred and each can be completely different.  We do offer bulk pricing for orders over 50 pieces with the same design.

Q: Are there any design fees or set-up fees for my order?

A: We aim to ensure there are no design fees associated with your order.  The best way is to upload the cleanest and highest quality photo or file that you have.  If we are having difficulties with your design, we will always email you and ask for a better version or an alternative to work with. 

In rare cases, if the image requires a full rebuild and it is just for one cup, we may charge you a $10 fee per image but we always discuss it with you first.

We only ask that you be kind to us in true Canadian fashion and try to limit the amount of revisions to your order.

Q: How long will my order take to be processed?

A: Since most of the cups we sell are custom and in small batches, it can take your order up to two weeks to be sent out.  If it is a design that we already have on file, then your order will generally take less.  We try to process all our orders in priority sequence so no one gets left behind. 

If you have a specific deadline for your order, please email us and we will make every effort to get it to you in time!

Q: How many cups qualifies for bulk pricing?

A: Our bulk pricing starts at 50 pieces, and we do have options for mixing different styles of products.  Please reach out to us at sales@canuckcanada.ca for more info and pricing on bulk orders.

Q: As a Canadian company, where are your cups produced?

A: Our cups are produced in China, and this was a tough decision for us to make.  We researched the heck out of getting them manufactured in Canada, however the labour costs, paired with material costs and having to send the cups to several different factories for each process made this option unreasonable and unaffordable. 

While our cups are produced overseas, all of our design work and engraving process is done in-house in Ontario, Canada.  We also give generously to Canadian charities, support local businesses and work with our Canadian business partners to bolster their growth as much as our own.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We will accept returns of non-customized items within 30 days of purchase and refund your purchase price less shipping costs.  For customized items, we unfortunately cannot accept returns, however we always email proofs of design prior to manufacture to ensure you are satisfied with the design.  

For returns or warranty issues, please contact us directly at sales@canuckcanada.ca we will rectify your issue.