Canuck Canada is proud to support these fine Canadian owned businesses and charitable organizations -we help those who help others!

Veterans and Everyday Heroes honours all emergency services personnel, regardless of vocation, with individual acts of kindness, big and small.

Help support them by purchasing a V-EH! Special Edition Canuck Cup

 Visit them and find out more at https://www.v-eh.ca/



Arrowhead Coffee Company is Canadian SOF Veteran Owned and Operated, and was inspired while on deployments with the Canadian Armed Forces.  They bring you Canadian roasted premium coffee right to your door!

Their mission isn't just great coffee, but it's to give back to the greater Sheepdog community including but not limited to Veteran, Law Enforcement and Emergency services.

Visit them and find out more at https://arrowhead.coffee/

A veteran owned retailer of tactical lifestyle products, tools and knives.

Visit them at www.a-tac.ca



Pro Patria Coffee Company is a Canadian veteran owned and operated brand that takes great pride in serving those who serve.  They are committed to supporting veteran programming, community initiatives and local organizations who devote their time to building a strong foundation for future generations.

Help support them by purchasing a Pro Patria Special Edition Canuck Cup

Visit them at https://www.propatriacoffee.ca/ 


Warrior Adventures Canada uses therapeutic adventure and peer support to prevent and reduce the effects of operational stress and PTSD in Veterans and First Responders.

Their adventure trips in nature enhance overall well-being, decrease anxiety and depression and help create a well-rounded mind set.  Participants learn new skills, overcome challenges and experience wilderness, all while connecting with like-minded individuals, creating lasting friendships and rebuilding support networks.

Help support them by purchasing a WAC Special Edition Canuck Cup

Visit them at https://warrioradventures.ca/